Ladies and gentlemen, queue the orchestra, prepare the steaks and get your damn game face on! Yes, yes. It is possible that, in some form, I may be, hopefully, possibly, god forbid, why the hell am I doing this, back. Since my last broadcast from deep space I’ve accomplished a great many things. Those of you who follow me on twitter (@pheshamanal, get all the post updates straight from there! :D) probably have heard me proselytizing about my achievements but I suppose my ego could be fanned a little more. Since the last time we chatted about shamany things I’ve traveled to the Czech Republic, graduated from college with a Computer Science and an English Creative Writing degree, moved to Tejas where I landed a job in Austin and picked up League of Legends.

I had originally vowed never to touch WoW again. Then I got back from dinner tonight and found that Blizzard had emailed me, notifying me that Imania had 7 free days to see the new patch content. Y? Y U NO PAY MY SUBSCRIPTION BLIZZARD, YYYYYY? Heh. Well anyway. I’ve been thinking for a long time: what do I want to do with my blog? I can’t just let it sit here. It’s depressing to see it getting 5 views every day from search terms that were so last year, like cata water zones. I mean really.. you haven’t seen them yet? Wow. I considered talking about beer. Beer is one of my new favorite things. I then realized I can talk about beer AND video games. I do sorely miss my shaman and my guild Karma Horde, and my raid group Aperture Science, that I never had the chance to lift off from the launchpad. On the other hand, I don’t want to spend money just to play. AND I have League of Legends, which is free. And which I’m decent at playing… (feel free to add me on there and hit me up for a game if you want to play, “robotunicr0n” is my name!) So at this point, I think I may pick up those free 7 days, take a look at the new content, get a feel for how much I want to sink money into the game, and then maybe bow out again and just stick to League of Legends. Or I may pick up WoW again and provide you all with some further shaman entertainment.

I am also open to your opinions. If you think I should stay away from the Woweroine, tweet with the hash tag #stayoffthewows! If you think I should start playing again, tweet with the hash tag #sellyoursoultomalganis! In the end I probably won’t listen either way and maybe just play again, but this could be fun, and I love making up random hash tags. At the very least, I will revive this blog. It may not be about shamans, but I’ll still be here!


Shamantastic: Healer Hootzpah

There’s no qualifying benchmark that indicates you’ve chain healed your way into the pros of healing. How do you know, then, when you’ve got what it takes to raid?

Generally if you’re successfully and easily healing heroics then you are ready to raid. Of course healing raids isn’t as easy as being a heroic farmer; you have to have the skill to react to emergency situations and the situational awareness to stay alive yourself.

Cata heroics are a big step up from Lich King content and serve to teach a lot of raid skills, especially such important principles as don’t stand in the fire. These principles of raiding will come in time with practice.

Another important facet of healing that is folded into being able to heal heroics is smart stat gearing. If you don’t know your class well enough and don’t prioritize the correct stats you can easily fall short of making ends meet. Gemming and enchanting are another important resource to consider that can add some extra breathing room to fights like Admiral Ripsnarl. A good practice is to gem and enchant all 346+ gear and heroic gear as you’ll have those for your first couple weeks of raiding.

Overall you’ll know that you’re ready to heal when you feel that your gear is well put together and that you know your class well enough to comfortably heal hard encounters.

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The Sad State of Restoration Mastery

Sadly this tooltip is a common scene among restoration shamans. Frankly, our mastery sucks. Priests get better absorbs and a HoT, Druids currently get bonus healing on targets who have their HoTs applied and Paladins make shields when they heal that absorb. Shamans get a heal that scales on how low the target’s health is and as far as my experience has gone we get little to no useful bonus from this.

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Shamantastic: Ouch, My Mana Hurts…

(EDIT: If you’re looking for a healing guide on Lord Geoffery Tulvan for the Crucible of Carnage event The Earl of Evisceration, check out this link!)

Remember that post I made where I was lamenting the fact that elemental and restoration shamans literally could not run out of mana? Well I was certainly wrong. Now that Cataclysm has actually come and I’ve seen the changes, I’ve eaten my words. However, as far as I’m concerned at this point in time, the fact that I actually have to care about my mana again is a good thing. What does this mean for shamans? Well today’s post is mostly about restoration (one of my first), which is the spec hit hardest by Cata content in terms of mana reduction. Here’s why! Continue reading

The Shattering

I feel… strange. De elements haven’t been speakin’ to me like dey usually do. I can feel da peace of mind when da water elementals are at harmony, da surge of intensity and de anger when da fire elementals are right in dis world. I feel da winds at my back when da air elementals be unrestricted and I can feel da satisfied rumble under my feet when da earth elementals are at rest.

I feel none of dese tings today. I woke up from my slumba wit da screams of unimaginable pain from uncountable elements and da people of dis world. My people. I was sweatin’ more furious den when in da throes of passion and I had a feva most severe. When I stepped out my front door da world seemed normal. Da sun was yet to rise but da trees outside of my little hut in da stranglethorn vale quivered unnaturally. I had visions… flashes of de elementals becoming uncontained, da horrible misery of deir fires and winds, rocks and water bein’ uncontrollable. What can one shaman be doin’ to save dem from deir pain?

I untied me raptor Dezz’ilish from his harness bar. He usually be da bravest raptor I know but he was squirmin’ an’ trying to hide his head underneath me shoulder. I ran me hand down his neck and he calmed down a bit but he was whining, and when a raptor be whinin’ you best be plugging your ears. Dey loud mon. Me gut twisted and I knew I had ta get out. Somethin’ dangerous was comin’. I ran back into my hut and grabbed everyting that was precious to me. Me necklace dat my grandmotha’ had given to me along wit my gear and my bags. I ran back outside and Dezzi was running around frantically. I didn’t know what had set him off but I ran over and jumped onto his back. A raptor’s intuition is one ta be trusted. No sooner had I cleared da front of me hut, a flamin’ rock flew right into it. I tell ya mon, dat rock was big. At first I was angry dat some interlopin’ gurubashi ancients be attackin’ my hut. I only stole a few of deir shrunken heads and some of deir artifacts. Dat be no reason ta hurl a flamin’ rock into me hut. But den, as we was going down de path towards booty bay, I saw more of dose damn rocks flyin’ around. It was all I could do to move Dezzi out of da way and stay close ta cover.

When we got closa’ to Booty Bay I saw a druid. He was fightin’ some elementals and looked worse for da wear. I jumped off Dezzi and started healin’ ‘im. No point in lettin’ a good druid go ta waste. At dis point I be thinkin’ we be needin’ all da help we can get. After he finished off dem elementals he tanked me and we traveled to Booty Bay togetha’, watchin’ each others backs. Booty Bay was up in arms, dey were a chaotic mess. Da goblins were only lettin’ some people in. I talked ta one of dem and said I was an agent of da Warchief.

“Which warchief you talking about?” I couldn’t quite tell what he wanted to hear.

“Thrall of course, mon. I be insulted dat you tink anyone else could be considered Warchief.”

“What about Garrosh?”

“Mon, he ain’t Warchief yet. Let us in?” It seemed I had found da right bruiser. He let us in and showed us up ta da second floor tavern where da other horde were.  Dis is where we are now. I be writin’ this to da rumble of da earth beneath. Da elements still not be talkin’ to me and it seems da other shamans be feelin’ da same way. I’m just hopin’ dat Booty Bay doesn’t get hit. Den where else am I goin’ ta go?

Shamantastic: On Mana and other things

I’m usually not one to complain when my class and spec has become badass, but I’d love to avoid paladins whining and other classes sobbing over their classes being broken and the lack of delivery on that promised pony… However I suppose this isn’t a complaint but more of a glance at what’s going on with Elemental Shamans. Let me reiterate first that they are badass. Continue reading