Summer Blues

A couple of weeks later, I’m set into my new job and moved into my new living space. In the meantime I’ve switched from my twitchy Linux desktop to my laptop for WoW, where I thankfully don’t have a twitch. Sadly, the lag is a bit rough.

I’ve come to talk about something WoW related: gasp! Summer time presents a lot of opportunities for some of us to completely laze out with WoW in front of us. The summer after I started playing I went home for the summer, and my schedule consisted of waking up whenever I pleased (usually around 10am) and grabbing breakfast as I sat down in front of my laptop. Boot up WoW and begin playing. I’d play until lunch, at which point I would leave myself logged in, get up and make lunch then come back and sit down while I munched. This went until dinner time when I would eat dinner at my laptop (which was at the dining room table) while the rest of the family ate on the couch and watched movies. I didn’t mind so much because I was still able to watch whatever they were watching, but it didn’t make them too happy. I continued on the whole summer like this and probably put on most of the weight I carry around now.

This is mostly a cautionary tale. Don’t ignore your family and friends for WoW during the summer. I know it’s super fun to geek out while leveling or getting raid ready, I’ve been there, but it also sucks when your friends and family start shunning you because you won’t pay attention to them. Thankfully I was able to pay attention to them because I was constantly at the dining room table, which is in the room that we all hang out in most of the time, but I was still disconnected. If you can, you should take breaks frequently and walk around. If I could revise my day for that summer, it might look a little something like this:

6am wake up and take a walk! Sun is rising, and I live near the ocean, so this is almost unbeatable

Eat breakfast whenever I get back, but not in front of the computer. This is kind of a vital point because when I eat in front of the computer I pay attention to the computer instead of the food, which usually makes me eat more than I need.

Nowish is the time I’d hop on WoW and begin playing (hey, I never said I was totally cutting back on my hours – there really is nothing else to do at my place during the summer)

Noon: stop for lunch, again eat away from the computer. After eating, return to the computer and play! (Or do other things, whatever strikes my fancy at the time)

2pm I’d probably take another walk, maybe down to the beach or through the forest, just something to get the blood flowing in the legs and give time to think.

Upon return, play until dinner and eat with everyone else. Return to the computer afterwards, or head to bed depending on the time.

The ideal time for bed here would be between 10 and 11pm since I’d be getting up between 6am and 7am.

That’s pretty much the jist of the changed schedule. I’m aware that anyone reading this probably won’t care, but it is a decent outline of a method in which to stay a little active during the boring summer times.

Let’s take a dive into WoW and look at good ways to spend the summer too! A lot of times guilds will go on vacation from raiding, or at least raid a little less when summer rolls around. To combat the boredom that may rack up with all your free time, you should consider leveling those low-level alts and decking them out in blues (hehe see what I did there?) or making a new character to level up. It’s a good way of spending your online time if there is nothing to do on your main character anymore, and it staves away the boredom and the burn out that can easily come with playing so frequently.

Another option, of course, is to also go on vacation and stop raiding. The best way to spend your summer would probably be away from the computer all together, enjoying the beautiful weather! (Oh who am I kidding, WoW is totally better than real life…)


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