Addon Discussion: Grid

This is the second in a three-part series about healing addons. At this point there is no plan to cover Healbot or any other addons, however I can be persuaded with cookies, good beer and/or great meat (cooked well of course). The follow-up should arrive early next week in a close up discussion about what the two have to offer. The first post can be found here.

As promised, here is my (very late) post on Grid. To start off and set the tone for the post, I didn’t really like Grid too much. It seems solid but for me Vuhdo worked much quicker and much easier. In any case, I’m not here to bash! Take the jump (I even made a [crappy] video for you all!) to hear my thoughts on Grid!

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Efficient Farming

Farming. Lot’s of people hate it, many people do it, and few actually like it. And yet it has been the center of debate in WoW since the vanilla release date. There has always been a stigma placed on it, or at least a wary eye, with the concern that the farmer, or bot controlling the character, may be breaking the terms of service rules and in general being a nuisance to the WoW community. Soon after release comes the economic scene – pioneering adventurers that want to find the way to become most efficient at gathering and retaining gold. These pioneers have established the foundation on which we as a gold-making community function on. Back in their day, the tools they had for farming were their mouse, their keyboard and music or movies as a distraction. There were no flying mounts, and only a few zones in which they could get the high demand materials that defined the market in their day. Competing against other entrepeneurs, the going was tough. Today, we have it easy. We have countless addons that aid in making node spotting much easier, and even some addons that allow you to track both minerals and herbs, a breakthrough in leveling farming technology that allows the low-level player to cash out while leveling.

Sometimes, we get so bogged down with all the options that farming becomes just as difficult as it was in vanilla. So what are the best practices when it comes to supplying? Take the jump to find the answers!

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Posting Schedule

I’m hoping to get into a good groove for updates on this blog. Right now it’s looking like MWF is the best schedule for updating, however once school starts again I have no idea how frequently I’ll be able to update. Here’s to hoping for the best. In the meantime, for the summer at least, expect at least 3 posts a week!

[Cata] Water Mounts and Underwater Zones

I’ve never been a big one for spoilers, however I stumbled across this one by accident and thought it was so ridiculously cool that I had to share it. Any of you that are already in the beta are probably aware that there is an all-underwater zone which just completely tickles my fancy. There are a variety of reasons for this love, however most are not applicable to WoW, so I will only share those that are. Continue reading

Shamantastic: Cataclysm Talents

I finally found some time to follow through with one of my promises, which is to take a look at the Shaman Cata talents. I know that other blogs have done their own investigation and perhaps they have come to the same conclusion I have for Elemental and Restoration, however I want to share my thoughts on the specs I created and why or why not they may work in the expansion. I also did a tentative Enhancement spec though I’ve never played enhance so I’m batting into pitch black here. To help with the Enhancement discussion will be one of my guildmates, Longwalker!

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Addon Discussion: Vuhdo


Well hi there! So I mentioned earlier that I would do a feature on Vuhdo and Grid. The way I’ve decided to do this has changed from my original vision. Ideally, I wanted to create two tutorial videos, one for Vuhdo and one for Grid and have one post that showed both of those videos and compared the addons. Since I don’t have any legitimate software for screen capture (I’m saving up for Fraps! I need $40: feel free to hit the donate button in the top left and help me out!) I figured that making those tutorials would be in vain, and when I investigated Vuhdo intensively with an eye for tutorial creation, I realized that the addon does most of the explaining itself. Next article will be on Grid and then following that will be a sum up of the comparison and final conclusions. Depending on my overflow of ideas (or lack thereof) this full set may or may not occur during this week. It would be pretty neat if it did though, so here’s hoping! Jump!

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