Vol’jin’s Call

I know, I know… I’m about a month late to the party here, but I wanted to post anyway. I’m sure you’ve all seen: http://www.worldofwarcraft.com/info/underdev/3p9/echoisles2.xml   Oh, what’s that? You haven’t? Ahah! See after the break!

I’ll assume that you clicked the link and read the awesome post! I love the little events like this that Blizzard does though for the previous events I didn’t notice any news posting similar to the one I linked above. I definitely could have missed it though, who knows! As for me, this is a pretty pivotal event for my death knight and my shaman who are both trolls. I don’t roleplay really, but I’m kind of excited to rush my shaman up to 75 in preparation for the attack which I will assume is going to be epic. I don’t know exactly how the event is working at this time, ie it could already be possible to team up and head into the island and I may just not know it. The news post shows characters with the little flags attached to their backs, which brings me back to the end of the Wrathgate event (spoiler alert if you haven’t done Wrathgate!) where you go into the Undercity with Thrall and Sylvanas.

(spoiler over) I’m assuming it’s going to be similar in mechanics to that event and that we might get to fight alongside Thrall once again, but if not then definitely Vol’jin and Uru’zin, which will be all sorts of badass. As usual it doesn’t really matter what class you are or even how effective you are with your spells. If the event is in any way similar to the Wrathgate UC trip then you’ll kind of just stand by and watch the big beefy faction leaders lay down the destruction. I won’t complain about these events, but it would be awesome to have a little more interactivity from the player’s point of view. It would be awesome if we had puzzles to complete or perhaps tasks that separated us from our trusted leaders and put our lives on the line. Maybe even something that would force needing a group to go further. Imagine for instance that Zalazane has a Lieutenant, Mul’din, who has mustered some troll force in support of Zalazane’s conquest of the island. During the main attack on Zalazane the faction leaders and the players get word that Mul’din’s forces are closing in on the flank, and the group of players is dispatched to deal with it and then return. It could be a separate instanced portion of the event, or it could just occur simultaneously to the rest of the event. It would give even more of that epic feel to know that you aren’t useless just dodging meteors and trying to stay alive. It gives a sense of purpose and would make me want to immerse myself in the situation. If done right, this could allow infinite re-playability. For instance, if each non-standard player focused event had three different possibilities for that slot (ie if it were a puzzle, there might be three puzzles that alternate) that were chosen randomly every time the event was loaded, and within each of those puzzles, there was more than one way to solve it, then people like me who have this intense desire to complete every offered in every situation, I would have to go back over and over again to encounter all of the puzzles and beat all of them. This, in my eyes, would be an excellent selling point for Blizzard, and by making this sort of thing interactive, they might retain more subscribers.

I also think it would be quite excellent to make a shirt out of the poster they created (which can be found here: http://www.worldofwarcraft.com/info/underdev/3p9/images/trollposter-hires.jpg). That would be on of the single most greatest shirts ever, especially if it used the same brown/tan color found on the poster. Maybe I’ll try to get permission from Blizzard to do this…

Forthcoming will be thoughts on some of the newly announced Cata things, like the new talent tree set up and some of the guild leveling stuff. I haven’t been invited to the beta so I can only provide so much information, that you will probably have read elsewhere, but alas, there is hope! Cheers and have a peshamanal weekend!


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