Plans for Cata

I have a few plans lined up for when Cata hits, and a little bit beforehand, though while I love lore and history I’m not at all concerned about losing lots of quest lines that used to be available and won’t be in the expansion because of the changes. The things I’d like/need to do are clean out my bank alts of older items, specifically glyphs and gems, in preparation for new content and items, as well as finalize a decision about moving servers and maybe factions, finish level my shaman to 80 so I can start providing useful information to you all, probably get my Paladin up to 80, and say last rites for my previous two 80s, my death knight and my warlock. I’m tempted to continue using my warlock for pvp as he was my original character and original 80, but who knows how much time I’ll have with school starting again in September and a degree to finish in two quarters. The other major issue is that I need to find out why WoW is getting such terrible FPS on my laptop. I’ve checked all the “durr” things like my power plan not being set on power saver and my drivers not being updated. I fixed both of these things and the dreaded video lag is still there. The screen has been flickering at other times too, and I’m thinking it might be the video card overheating since my fan seems to like to rev up every 5 minutes or so for a bit, which if I recall correctly, wasn’t the way it used to run. Also my school runs a packet shaper that is nomming WoW and the tech services group has narrowed our bandwidth so much that I get lag spikes every 15-20 minutes and when generating a great deal of data traffic between the Blizzard servers and here. Frustrating etc.

What are your plans for Cata?


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