Blogging Carnival!

Helloooo! Markco is holding a blogging carnival over at Just My Two Copper about auctioneering and money making tutorials, guides etc. Since I do love me some money making and have learned a lot of what I know from his blog and the forums and IRC that they run (you should really check it out if you get the chance) that I figured I’d give back to the community. I’ve been pretty busy with homework, work and testing out recording software for the tutorial that I want to make for my addition to the carnival. We’ll hopefully be returning to regular programming tomorrow, but Wednesday is the absolute latest. I’m hoping to dig up some interesting ideas to talk about tomorrow, so check back just in case! Hope everyone is enjoying the weekend and all the free time to play WoW! (I sure am!)


2 thoughts on “Blogging Carnival!

  1. Hey there, have you finished your post yet? I don’t think I’ve received it yet and I need it before the 1st if possible!

    Thanks for the review of the carnival and let me know if you need anything, looking forward to your post! Be sure to post it on your own blog first and then send me the link.

    • It’ll be my Wednesday post! Trying to get a video demo too, but I might resort to screenshots. Thanks for checking up.

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