Addon Discussion: Grid

This is the second in a three-part series about healing addons. At this point there is no plan to cover Healbot or any other addons, however I can be persuaded with cookies, good beer and/or great meat (cooked well of course). The follow-up should arrive early next week in a close up discussion about what the two have to offer. The first post can be found here.

As promised, here is my (very late) post on Grid. To start off and set the tone for the post, I didn’t really like Grid too much. It seems solid but for me Vuhdo worked much quicker and much easier. In any case, I’m not here to bash! Take the jump (I even made a [crappy] video for you all!) to hear my thoughts on Grid!

So to begin with, I downloaded and installed Grid, like you do, and then booted up WoW. I looked through the addons that complemented Grid but didn’t find anything that seemed inherently useful for a short testing run. When I got in-game, I was disappointed by the configuration menu. I had trouble finding exactly where to change how the bars looked and as you’ll see in the video, how large the background frame was (though I may have unwittingly changed that from whatever default it was when I was puttering around with the config). I also noticed that Grid acts like raid frames without any configuration. I looked around for some way to macro my mouse buttons to heal on mouse over, however this feature is sadly not built-in. After awhile I downloaded Clique and spent a little while being confused over that too, but eventually I worked out how to get it work on mouse over, and off I went to do some PvP.

I chose PvP because as you will observe, my shaman is not 80 yet and thus can’t get any in raid experience with it. This was the closest I could get. Here’s the video:

Grid really seemed a lot similar to Vuhdo in functionality at the base level, however it’s a bit better looking. I’d imagine they both run at about the same memory usage, so there isn’t a problem there. What got the most with Grid was the config menu. I realized after making my video that there were guides online at and on youtube, however from a completely out of the box setting, Grid takes quite a bit of configuration, whether it be making the bars look the way you want, or getting Clique set up so that you can actually use Grid in that fashion.

I suppose that Grid isn’t specifically a healing addon but is rather a raid frames addon that can be used as a healing display. Healbot probably has the settings to assign buttons for mouse over heals, though I’ve never used it so I wouldn’t know for sure. The biggest confusion I got with Grid was how the bars were decreasing. If you look closely near the end of the video you’ll see what I mean. There are two guys who are losing health from the top of the bar and then a mage that I’m trying to heal who is losing health from the bottom up. I probably just got the colors mixed up, but it confused me nonetheless.

All in all, Grid was manageable, and it didn’t confuse me to the point of wanting to quit, it just took a little time to get set up to the point of functionality, and from there it was pretty much the same as Vuhdo in capacity. If my lag problems ever get fixed I may be inclined to make videos showing the best way to set up Grid and Vuhdo, however since that’s not the case and I don’t have good software yet, I will refrain for everyone’s sanity!


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