Addon Discussion: Grid vs. Vuhdo

So now that we’ve looked at Grid and Vuhdo, which one is better? Well on one hand, how do you define the “best” without some sort of regimen of comparison. There are so many factors that you could use to consider this that it could get insane. It seems to me that the two most important factors are out of the box workability and most efficient. Usually people have very specific opinions on addons and what works amazingly for one person may not work for another. Here’s what I thought:

Grid is a nice addon. It’s different from Vuhdo in that it is not specifically a raid healing addon, but instead raid frames. When used in conjunction with an addon like Clique, it becomes a very efficient. It looks pretty and is very customizable. These are all really good things, however one things gets in the way for me on this pairing of addons. Both Grid and Clique are not easy to customize. The menus are expansive and detailed without much documentation to help the user. Despite this, there are many awesome guides online on how to modify the settings to achieve any variation of results. With these guides in hand, you’re on your way to a pleasant healing experience.

Overall score: 8/10

Vuhdo is also a very handy addon, though similarly to Grid it is difficult to configure. The menus are very detailed, even more so than Grid, though Vuhdo provides nice tool tips that tell you what each option does. Unlike Grid, Vuhdo is usable with very minimal configuration. It’s as easy as finding the right tab in the config (which I guess isn’t that easy unless you know where it is) and assigning the spells you want to the buttons you want. This has a lot of great out of the box usability and is easy to learn. It looks decent as well, though the shiny outside is in good competition with Grid’s nice skin. There are probably a couple decent guides out about how to configure Vuhdo, though since it’s newer and not quite as well-known as Grid, the community documentation isn’t quite as extensive. Still, it’s a solid addon and the one that I use.

Overall Score: 8/10 (balanced from 9/10 for personal bias)

Yup, that’s right, they score exactly the same and they are both very good choices for healing. Where one is strong, the other is weak, and vice versa. There are also a few nicely matched features across both. What’s your opinion between the two options? Which one do you think is better?


3 thoughts on “Addon Discussion: Grid vs. Vuhdo

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  2. I am Grid+Clique man. I am using that combo from I first stepped my feet into Karazhan and never had a reason to change.

    I like that I can use Grid+Clique on all my toons and specs (casting Vigilance and Intercept, Brez and Innervate on my bear, heal and shock on my Shaman, HoP, DI, Salv on my paladin) to great extent. As well with the long-term Grid experience, I don’t see the extensive and at beginning overwhelming menus as problem. Quite the contrary, I love that now I am able to make the Grid do what I want.

    Oh and don’t forget various modules for Grid that can help you set-up the Grid even better.

    • You are correct that Grid has a lot of configuration addons that go along with it that make it substantially better in function than Vuhdo, and I’ll leave it up to the individual to decide if that’s game breaking or them or not. Personally I still prefer Vuhdo for it’s ease of out of the box use (and because it was my first healing addon!)

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