Where’d my new spells go?

One of the hardest things for me while leveling a character is keeping track of the new spells that I get. In Cataclysm, every time you level up, you’ll be shown which spells you’ve received. For the time being, my mind is stuck splintering into two focuses (note that this is different from multi-tasking, which I can do), one aimed at trying to be the most efficient leveler I can be so that my $15 a month is not wasted, and the other half wondering and trying to figure out which new spells I got and where they are in my spellbook. Honestly, up until the announcement that the level up UI would be different Blizzard has been depriving us of an easy way to organize those new spells.

The mind splitting is difficult for a mind like mine which likes to focus on one thing and only send one stream of data from one source at one time. I’m sure there are addons that keep track of this and also there is wowwiki and wowhead, but that’s just opening a third mental track, which fragments my ability to think through my focus much more. What we really need is better organization in the spellbook, something which I feel is important enough to release with the remarkable changes to the level up UI. If we could only show the most recent spells, in some order, on each page, then we’d be doing much better. Instead of seeing each spell rank 1-9 or however far some may get up, we’d only see the most recent rank. The lower level spells would be minimized and come up with the player wants to see the full list. Even a simple change such at that can improve the efficiency of the spellbook.

Not only that, but instead of flashing until clicked on each spec tab, it’d be great to autoflag the new skills and abilities as you get them so that when you look for them in the spellbook, they aren’t hard to find. This would increase efficiency a lot, and remove headaches for people who are bothered by this sort of thing.

Of course all this musing is pretty much obsolete since we know Cata will redefine the level up system and auto-reward you for it (last I heard).


3 thoughts on “Where’d my new spells go?

    • I am behind the times then! I still stand by the lack of understanding that comes with new spells when you level. Unless you’ve played the class before or logged a lot of time in WoW, my feeling is that a player may not understand how to work a new spell into their leveling rotation, let alone branch out of their original level 1 spells. As a shaman at 61 in elemental spec I still pretty much only use Lightning Bolt, Flame Shock and Earth Shock.. Thunderstorm sometimes if things get hairy and only very, very rarely do I use the the spell that gives me an instant cast (I can’t even remember the name because I use it so infrequently)

      • Elemental Mastery? Well most people tend to be bad at using 3 minute cooldowns when they’re grinding/levelling, but those spells are pretty much all you DO use as elemental at 61 πŸ˜‰ I do get what you mean, I experience a lot of bewilderment whenever I get my new skills on my warrior.

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