An Update… yay!!

Greetings, those who still follow… I haven’t disappeared, just been bogged down with classes and fighting senioritis. I mentioned in a previous post that I have a new project in the works. I can now announce it! It has nothing to do with WoW sadly, but I’ve been selected to be a fellow at the Euphrates Institute Center for Middle East Understanding at my university. I’m 1 of 6 and my twitter days (@cmuprin) are always on Wednesday. All 6 of us will also be posting to our blog, however either my name or Shadowscale will show up on my posts so you can see the research that I’m doing. This is what has been drawing my attention away from WoW to the point where I couldn’t get my shaman to 75 so that I could get Brewmaster :(. The blog is and it has no data on it right now, but in the next few weeks news analysis and other research will be posted, so if you’re into our goal, which is to seek a resolution to the Israeli-Palestinian conflict peacefully, then I invite you to follow the blog and see what we come up with. I may or may not be on board for next quarter (Jan-Mar) so I should be able to devote a little more time to WoW and my blog, however I’ll be doing my senior thesis for English and a class on Practical Criticism which is intense and required to graduate.

If all goes well after that, spring quarter I should be in Prague for 3 months studying. Crazy couple of months coming up! Starting around Nov. 20th I won’t have any responsibilities besides maybe work, and so can become sufficiently addicted to WoW, this blog and the shaman community. Sorry for my absence!! I really tried to keep up to date, but so many responsibilities and dealing with some personal health issues has kept me from being able to focus on it.

Jinra, my shaman, will be 80 in time for Cataclysm, I’m sure, and from there I’m golden! 🙂 Hope all is going well for you all and i look forward to being able to reenter the community. Thanks for your patience and support. I might add a small update about another venture I’m taking on at my school which requires a post on it’s own. It branches out of one of my articles, kind of, but is important nonetheless and won’t be uninteresting to those interested in feminism and human rights.


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