Shamantastic: Healer Hootzpah

There’s no qualifying benchmark that indicates you’ve chain healed your way into the pros of healing. How do you know, then, when you’ve got what it takes to raid?

Generally if you’re successfully and easily healing heroics then you are ready to raid. Of course healing raids isn’t as easy as being a heroic farmer; you have to have the skill to react to emergency situations and the situational awareness to stay alive yourself.

Cata heroics are a big step up from Lich King content and serve to teach a lot of raid skills, especially such important principles as don’t stand in the fire. These principles of raiding will come in time with practice.

Another important facet of healing that is folded into being able to heal heroics is smart stat gearing. If you don’t know your class well enough and don’t prioritize the correct stats you can easily fall short of making ends meet. Gemming and enchanting are another important resource to consider that can add some extra breathing room to fights like Admiral Ripsnarl. A good practice is to gem and enchant all 346+ gear and heroic gear as you’ll have those for your first couple weeks of raiding.

Overall you’ll know that you’re ready to heal when you feel that your gear is well put together and that you know your class well enough to comfortably heal hard encounters.


3 thoughts on “Shamantastic: Healer Hootzpah

  1. After hearing so many healers complain it has made me very hesitant of starting to roll another baby-healer. However, I do think that putting some effort in your class and stats will help too :)So who knows, in some time I might feel happy enough to start healing. I want to try out shaman healing 😉

    • Shaman healing is really fun but it’s definitely different than it used to be. When I rolled a shaman chain heal was the king of the AoE heals and every young shaman looked forward to the day when they received that spell because it would make instances so much easier. I’m glad you’re thinking of trying shaman out! There’s a great community of shaman wisdom over at so I suggest you take a look there if you get serious about playing a resto shammy as an alt or something. Best of luck!

  2. For the brand spankin’ new healer it’s tough to know when you’ve “graduated” to raider status. My first raid to heal was Karazhan back near the begining of BC. After running heroics on my shaman till my head nearly exploded I thought I had the skills to throw the heals. It was rough in the begining but fun as new challenges always are.

    Like Shadow I don’t think there’s a hard and fast way to know if you’re ready but there are a few benchmarks you need to reach before even considering it.

    You’ve mastered heroics
    You understand at least some of the “theorycraft” of your class
    You know not to stand in fire
    Your gear is mostly heroic blues or equivalent.

    Antlergirl once you start slingin’ the chain heals you’ll never want to stop. Shaman healing is fun, challenging and we’re just flat out the coolest cucumbers in the produce section. Also turning into a wolf is cool.

    Healing is more challenging than it used to be but it’s also more fun. Instead of just standing in the back, half asleep, and refilling health bars we have to constantly be cleaning up the mess left behind by sloppy dps and tanks.

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