Ladies and gentlemen, queue the orchestra, prepare the steaks and get your damn game face on! Yes, yes. It is possible that, in some form, I may be, hopefully, possibly, god forbid, why the hell am I doing this, back. Since my last broadcast from deep space I’ve accomplished a great many things. Those of you who follow me on twitter (@pheshamanal, get all the post updates straight from there! :D) probably have heard me proselytizing about my achievements but I suppose my ego could be fanned a little more. Since the last time we chatted about shamany things I’ve traveled to the Czech Republic, graduated from college with a Computer Science and an English Creative Writing degree, moved to Tejas where I landed a job in Austin and picked up League of Legends.

I had originally vowed never to touch WoW again. Then I got back from dinner tonight and found that Blizzard had emailed me, notifying me that Imania had 7 free days to see the new patch content. Y? Y U NO PAY MY SUBSCRIPTION BLIZZARD, YYYYYY? Heh. Well anyway. I’ve been thinking for a long time: what do I want to do with my blog? I can’t just let it sit here. It’s depressing to see it getting 5 views every day from search terms that were so last year, like cata water zones. I mean really.. you haven’t seen them yet? Wow. I considered talking about beer. Beer is one of my new favorite things. I then realized I can talk about beer AND video games. I do sorely miss my shaman and my guild Karma Horde, and my raid group Aperture Science, that I never had the chance to lift off from the launchpad. On the other hand, I don’t want to spend money just to play. AND I have League of Legends, which is free. And which I’m decent at playing… (feel free to add me on there and hit me up for a game if you want to play, “robotunicr0n” is my name!) So at this point, I think I may pick up those free 7 days, take a look at the new content, get a feel for how much I want to sink money into the game, and then maybe bow out again and just stick to League of Legends. Or I may pick up WoW again and provide you all with some further shaman entertainment.

I am also open to your opinions. If you think I should stay away from the Woweroine, tweet with the hash tag #stayoffthewows! If you think I should start playing again, tweet with the hash tag #sellyoursoultomalganis! In the end I probably won’t listen either way and maybe just play again, but this could be fun, and I love making up random hash tags. At the very least, I will revive this blog. It may not be about shamans, but I’ll still be here!


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