I’ve been playing WoW for about 2.5 to 3 years now and have decided that it’s time I shared my thoughts and experiences with whoever cares to read. I’m a college student studying computer science and english, so naturally I might delve into a little roleplay and addon discussion as well.

You can contact me easily! My email is pheshamanal AT gmail DOT com or you can follow me on twitter @pheshamanal.

If you’re a blogger and you’d like a place on the blogroll, notify me!

So a little history about me and WoW, I started as a mage and played until about level 28 before I decided there was too much down time and so I switched to warlock. I took this warlock up to 70 and raided Karazhan, ZA and a little of SSC. When Wrath hit, I rolled a DK and raided every raid but Ulduar as top tier (I’m incredibly distraught that I couldn’t play Ulduar when it was bleeding edge content). I also have brought a Paly up into mid Northrend, and have a Shaman just about to enter Outland.

So why am I writing about shamans then, you might ask? So far it’s my favorite class because of it’s versatility and the history/roleplay idea behind it. Mind you, I don’t really roleplay that much, but I’ve done a lot of RP in the past in different games, like DnD and similar pencil and paper RPGs as well as some text MUDs. I’m essentially documenting my path up to max level and then upward ho! from there. Expect some Paly talk at some point in the future, and perhaps some warlock and maybe a little DK. Enjoy!


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