The Crucible of Carnage: The Bloodeye Bruiser!

The first fight you’ll encounter in the Crucible of Carnage is Hurp-derp who’s a big fatty ogre. This guy isn’t too hard to beat if you understand how the fight works. These are his three abilities and how to deal with them:

Totems of Choice: Tremor Totem, Flametongue Totem, Wrath of Air Totem, Healing/Mana Stream Totem (depending on what you need more)


This ability is similar to a warrior’s whirlwind and lasts for 8 seconds. The damage isn’t too hard to deal with especially if the party stays out of his way. I believe he follows someone, in which case he needs to be kited, but if not then just scatter and try to avoid him. In terms of healing just make sure that if any of your dps dip into the whirlwind or he mows over the tank at the start that you get some sort of heal up on them. As a shaman I usually drop riptide on anyone that got pummeled and they’re stupid and stay in his whirlwind I throw a Healing Surge or two their way. If you’re whole party is taking damage remember the chain heal was pretty severely nerfed and if you’re using the Glyph of Chain Heal then the first target isn’t going to benefit as much as the others. If you pop Riptide on the tank or a DPS that hasn’t taken much damage but isn’t topped off and then chain heal the party, you can pretty efficiently keep your party up. 8 seconds isn’t too hard to last through so you should be fine. As a druid I’d put some HoTs up, if a priest then renew along with some flash heals and a paly I’d cast a few Flash of Light.

Overhead Smash

This is your typical spike damage, it does 200% weapon damage so you can expect roughly double the amount of damage to be slammed on whoever gets in the way. This attack hits more than just one target, necessitating that only the tank be in front of him (ie the tank should face him away from the group). If, for instance, you have a DK in your group who seems to think that he should be in front of the boss so he can runestrike for better DPS (ie, a daft DK) then you’ll have to make sure you can heal him or anyone else that gets in the way. It’s always nice to be able to proselytize about how the DPS shouldn’t be so stupid, but if you’re in the Crucible you don’t have time to be lecturing your DPS, you better be able to heal them or you’re going to wipe and your patience will grow thin. Thankfully it’s pretty easy to keep them up as it’s just a spike of damage and it should split the damage between the tank and whoever else is in front. That’s not to say that the damage will be a small amount but you should be able to mitigate it by keeping a HoT up on the tank and spot healing the DPS. If you’re a shaman I’ve noticed that Riptide is a nice cast and forget HoT (for short periods of course) that allows you to pump a few Healing Waves or a Healing Surge or two into the DPS. Ultimately it’s up to you. If you can keep your DPS together and aren’t on a PvP server you can probably drop Healing Rain or Tranquility to buffer the party. Overall, not an ability to cry over, just be watchful in case one of your DPS accidentally get hit. If you’re a good healer you should already be watching the tank for such spikes but if you forget then it might be time to pop a cooldown or two. For shamans this is easy: put Riptide on the tank if she doesn’t have it and then Unleash Life and GHW. I say GHW because there’s convincing evidence on the Elitist Jerks Shaman Resto thread that any other spell paired with Unleash Life is a waste.

Intimidating Roar

This is the one that will give you the most grief. It’s an AoE fear that most times hits the whole party. If you’re a priest be sure to use Fear ward on the healer and/or the tank. If you’re a shaman, just drop your Tremor Totem and voila! It’s good in this fight to keep the Tremor Totem near the whole party, or have the tank keep Hurp near your totems so that the fear can be removed ASAP. It lasts a good 5-8 seconds in my experience and he continues to damage so if you know the fear is coming soon and you have nothing to stop it put Riptide on the tank and/or drop a Healing Rain. With Tremor, this ability becomes a trivial obstacle.

That’s it for his abilities. He’s ugly but he’s pretty easy all things considered, which figures since he’s the first of the chain. Once you beat him, on to the next battle! Happy facemelting!

The Crucible of Carnage: The Wayward Wildhammer!/The Crucible of Carnage: The Deadly Dragonmaw! (Under Construction)


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