The Crucible of Carnage: The Earl of Evisceration!

Lord Geoffery Tulvan. He’s the bane of many pre-heroic geared healers but do not fear! He’s great practice for the future heroic Deadmines encounter with Admiral Ripsnarl. Imagine Tulvan, constantly in his worgen phase and doing a LOT more damage. The main thing to remember about the Earl of Evisceration is that you need your DPS to be solid. The encounter is doable by damage dealers that are 84 however it is recommended that your DPS get a few pieces of gear from normal level 85 dungeons. If you have heroic geared people in your party you probably won’t have to worry about it too much.

There are two main things you have to worry about in this fight. The first is healing throughput and the second is mana conservation. If you fall behind on either one of these then it’s possible your group will wipe. First let’s discuss healing throughput.

If your tank is doing his job then you and your DPS should be taking little damage, if any. To avoid group damage the tank needs to make sure to pick up the adds that Lord Tulvan summons. There’s also a small portion of the fight where he runs around with the carriage on his head (at least if I recall correctly…). Just make sure to avoid him when he’s doing this. He’ll also do an uppercut that might target the DPS or the healer. It does a small amount of damage that is easily healable with one or two of your slower heals that pumps out good numbers (example: healing wave for shamans).The last concern for the DPS and healer is to watch out for his frenzy ability where he starts slashing at high speeds. Most times he’ll perform this only on the tank and we’ll talk about this further down when I discuss his skills.

The point that I’ve noticed most healers have a problem is during his frenzy ability. Admiral Ripsnarl does the same ability on the tank (or at least something very similar to it). The hardest thing about this ability is that it happens quickly and deals a LOT of damage. The first time I did the fight we almost wiped because I didn’t notice that the tanks health was moving down so quickly. Pay attention! Situational awareness is key!

Now to talk about his abilities and how they affect you and your healing.

Death by Peasant

Aside from having an awesome name this ability isn’t too hard to handle. It won’t do any direct damage to your party but your tank will need to pick them up. Even if she doesn’t it won’t hurt your party too much but with an intense focus on mana efficiency you’ll need every extra bit of mana regen that you can get. So the point here is get your tank to pick them up but don’t worry about getting your party to DPS them down. Focus on the boss!

Undying Frenzy

This ability is the thorn in your side. This will do a massive amount of damage to your tank very quickly and there aren’t many indications that it’s about to happen. In my experience he calls his peasants first and sometimes the carriage and then does this. Every time I’ve done/seen this fight he’s used this ability twice. The biggest indication you’ll have is when he switches to his worgen form. When he’s in human form he does hardly any damage and this is a good time for shamans to use Earth Shield, Riptide and supplemental Healing Waves for mana efficiency. I’m not familiar with all healing classes so if you come across this page and would like to add your classes instructions email me at pheshamanal at gmail dot com.

For shamans your best bet is to use Nature’s Swiftness + Unleash Life + Greater Healing Wave + Riptide + Healing Wave + HW etc. Usually the cooldowns will be up by the time he uses this ability again. Other cooldowns you can consider using if this guy is giving you problems is some sort of heroism (Time Warp, Bloodlust etc.) or if you’re going out of mana you can use your Mana Tide Totem if you specced into it (which you should have!).


This ability won’t cause you too much grief. I believe it targets random party members including you so it’s good to make sure you’re constantly rolling whatever Heal over Time abilities you have in case you get knocked down. The cast delay is pretty short but in a pinch it can be hard to keep the party up.


Saving your mana is key. If you can get enough combat mana regen you should be fine but if you find that you’re going out of mana faster than Lord Tulvan is getting dpsed down then try to find periods of time where there is low damage and don’t heal. If you’re a shaman throw a riptide on the tank and make sure your healing stream totem is down and let your mana regen a bit. Don’t let anyone die but every little bit counts so even if you get 1 second of out of combat regen you can get 1k mana back which can mean the difference between life and death.

As always if you have questions or comments leave a reply or email me at the above address! Good luck with the Earl!


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