Ladies and gentlemen, queue the orchestra, prepare the steaks and get your damn game face on! Yes, yes. It is possible that, in some form, I may be, hopefully, possibly, god forbid, why the hell am I doing this, back. Since my last broadcast from deep space I’ve accomplished a great many things. Those of you who follow me on twitter (@pheshamanal, get all the post updates straight from there! :D) probably have heard me proselytizing about my achievements but I suppose my ego could be fanned a little more. Since the last time we chatted about shamany things I’ve traveled to the Czech Republic, graduated from college with a Computer Science and an English Creative Writing degree, moved to Tejas where I landed a job in Austin and picked up League of Legends.

I had originally vowed never to touch WoW again. Then I got back from dinner tonight and found that Blizzard had emailed me, notifying me that Imania had 7 free days to see the new patch content. Y? Y U NO PAY MY SUBSCRIPTION BLIZZARD, YYYYYY? Heh. Well anyway. I’ve been thinking for a long time: what do I want to do with my blog? I can’t just let it sit here. It’s depressing to see it getting 5 views every day from search terms that were so last year, like cata water zones. I mean really.. you haven’t seen them yet? Wow. I considered talking about beer. Beer is one of my new favorite things. I then realized I can talk about beer AND video games. I do sorely miss my shaman and my guild Karma Horde, and my raid group Aperture Science, that I never had the chance to lift off from the launchpad. On the other hand, I don’t want to spend money just to play. AND I have League of Legends, which is free. And which I’m decent at playing… (feel free to add me on there and hit me up for a game if you want to play, “robotunicr0n” is my name!) So at this point, I think I may pick up those free 7 days, take a look at the new content, get a feel for how much I want to sink money into the game, and then maybe bow out again and just stick to League of Legends. Or I may pick up WoW again and provide you all with some further shaman entertainment.

I am also open to your opinions. If you think I should stay away from the Woweroine, tweet with the hash tag #stayoffthewows! If you think I should start playing again, tweet with the hash tag #sellyoursoultomalganis! In the end I probably won’t listen either way and maybe just play again, but this could be fun, and I love making up random hash tags. At the very least, I will revive this blog. It may not be about shamans, but I’ll still be here!


Posting Changes, revisited

Sad news friends. I’m going to have to go off of my 3 days a week schedule to focus on a hopeful new addition to my life as well as school, which is coming up awfully fast. I will still try and get 3 posts a week up (barring this week possibly), but I can’t do it on set dates anymore. Need to be more flexible!

I’m also having trouble figuring out exactly what to write on that will be meaningful and pointful, and not waste your time as the reader. I’ve been lucky enough to have good blogging friends like Pewter, Markco, Gaz and a whole bunch of others that have helped me garner at least a small readership, and I don’t like to disappoint. I suppose I should be visiting BlogAzeroth more often for ideas, but I want to get my own thoughts out too. Cheers for now!

Where’d my new spells go?

One of the hardest things for me while leveling a character is keeping track of the new spells that I get. In Cataclysm, every time you level up, you’ll be shown which spells you’ve received. For the time being, my mind is stuck splintering into two focuses (note that this is different from multi-tasking, which I can do), one aimed at trying to be the most efficient leveler I can be so that my $15 a month is not wasted, and the other half wondering and trying to figure out which new spells I got and where they are in my spellbook. Honestly, up until the announcement that the level up UI would be different Blizzard has been depriving us of an easy way to organize those new spells.

The mind splitting is difficult for a mind like mine which likes to focus on one thing and only send one stream of data from one source at one time. I’m sure there are addons that keep track of this and also there is wowwiki and wowhead, but that’s just opening a third mental track, which fragments my ability to think through my focus much more. What we really need is better organization in the spellbook, something which I feel is important enough to release with the remarkable changes to the level up UI. If we could only show the most recent spells, in some order, on each page, then we’d be doing much better. Instead of seeing each spell rank 1-9 or however far some may get up, we’d only see the most recent rank. The lower level spells would be minimized and come up with the player wants to see the full list. Even a simple change such at that can improve the efficiency of the spellbook.

Not only that, but instead of flashing until clicked on each spec tab, it’d be great to autoflag the new skills and abilities as you get them so that when you look for them in the spellbook, they aren’t hard to find. This would increase efficiency a lot, and remove headaches for people who are bothered by this sort of thing.

Of course all this musing is pretty much obsolete since we know Cata will redefine the level up system and auto-reward you for it (last I heard).

Posting Schedule

I’m hoping to get into a good groove for updates on this blog. Right now it’s looking like MWF is the best schedule for updating, however once school starts again I have no idea how frequently I’ll be able to update. Here’s to hoping for the best. In the meantime, for the summer at least, expect at least 3 posts a week!