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The Sad State of Restoration Mastery

Sadly this tooltip is a common scene among restoration shamans. Frankly, our mastery sucks. Priests get better absorbs and a HoT, Druids currently get bonus healing on targets who have their HoTs applied and Paladins make shields when they heal that absorb. Shamans get a heal that scales on how low the target’s health is and as far as my experience has gone we get little to no useful bonus from this.

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A new context

Time is moving rather slowly in these parts. Classes are clogging the time drain and finals are slowly creepy closer and closer. Days seem to pass by so slowly when you have a date in the near future and so this week seems like it will never end. Couple of weeks ago I got fed up with my server’s low population and terrible progression and decided to move to Malfurion, where I now make my home on horde-side. A couple of friends transferred with me so we created a guild. That puts me in the unique position of being an officer/GM again, despite wishing to never have to do that job.

The recruitment is slow. We’ve added one or two new people since we transferred (apart from the 4 that came with me) but as Cata draws nearer I feel like I’m floundering while trying to build a 10 man team. People who want to join aren’t what we need for the 10 man, but I feel silly not inviting them anyway. Then there’s the issue of being the raid leader. I can do it, I just haven’t had much experience and with that comes a lot of anxiety. Added on top of all of that, I’ll be one of the healers in our raid unless we find a lot of healers, so that adds to the stress level too.

And all this time I’m trying to find interesting topics to blog on. I like sharing bits of my life on here but I also feel like I’m boring anyone who bothers to read it if I’m not grinding out shaman topics and theory. Hopefully when my quarter ends in two weeks and I go home for 6 weeks of break, I’ll have more time to find awesome things to blog about. Hopefully…

In the mean time, if a good idea strikes my fancy, I will blog about it!

An Update… yay!!

Greetings, those who still follow… I haven’t disappeared, just been bogged down with classes and fighting senioritis. I mentioned in a previous post that I have a new project in the works. I can now announce it! It has nothing to do with WoW sadly, but I’ve been selected to be a fellow at the Euphrates Institute Center for Middle East Understanding at my university. I’m 1 of 6 and my twitter days (@cmuprin) are always on Wednesday. All 6 of us will also be posting to our blog, however either my name or Shadowscale will show up on my posts so you can see the research that I’m doing. This is what has been drawing my attention away from WoW to the point where I couldn’t get my shaman to 75 so that I could get Brewmaster :(. The blog is and it has no data on it right now, but in the next few weeks news analysis and other research will be posted, so if you’re into our goal, which is to seek a resolution to the Israeli-Palestinian conflict peacefully, then I invite you to follow the blog and see what we come up with. I may or may not be on board for next quarter (Jan-Mar) so I should be able to devote a little more time to WoW and my blog, however I’ll be doing my senior thesis for English and a class on Practical Criticism which is intense and required to graduate.

If all goes well after that, spring quarter I should be in Prague for 3 months studying. Crazy couple of months coming up! Starting around Nov. 20th I won’t have any responsibilities besides maybe work, and so can become sufficiently addicted to WoW, this blog and the shaman community. Sorry for my absence!! I really tried to keep up to date, but so many responsibilities and dealing with some personal health issues has kept me from being able to focus on it.

Jinra, my shaman, will be 80 in time for Cataclysm, I’m sure, and from there I’m golden! 🙂 Hope all is going well for you all and i look forward to being able to reenter the community. Thanks for your patience and support. I might add a small update about another venture I’m taking on at my school which requires a post on it’s own. It branches out of one of my articles, kind of, but is important nonetheless and won’t be uninteresting to those interested in feminism and human rights.

World of Warcraft and the traditional “Man”

This article, as with many of this subject, introduces controversial concepts. This is a warning that there are mentions of rape, phallic imagery and violence. If these things trigger you in some way, you are advised to avoid the article. After writing the article, it occurs to me that some of what I wrote may be misunderstood, specifically my description of men. I want to clarify that the very anti-woman mentality is a description of the stereotypical man, and not in line with my own beliefs at all. I don’t support violence towards women (or anyone for that matter) and I certainly don’t like the stereotype that I illustrated in the first few paragraphs.

Just going to hop right in today without a picture. A while ago Pewter put a call out for men to speak up about how similar issues that feminism observes affects us. I suppose that would be called masculinism or some such, but the labeling is not important. What is important is that voices are heard.

Chastity articulated in a very well written article what I tried to do in my first attempt of this article, the day that Pewter put the call out. I will try my best to articulate exactly what I want to say in this vein. Continue reading

Strap up that shield and grab your hammer, tanks


Image courtesy of a really old post (2007)

Leveling alts used to be a lot of fun for me at low levels. The first instance that I got into was always an experience, an adventure. Sometimes there would be completely new players, and sometimes old players running alts, just like me. I don’t know what caused the change – maybe it was the LFD tool, but recently, I’ve been getting shit tanks and healers. Why? Well… who wants to wait 40 minutes in a queue to get into an instance at that level? I wish I didn’t have to, but leveling my hunter leaves me no choice. We always get healers and tanks who are DPS who just want a quick way into an instance. Don’t get me wrong, I’m guilty myself with one of my druids who is tanking as balance, and to this effect, I don’t mind people that can gear themselves correctly despite spec. I’ve always been a firm believer that the line between dps and healing as well as dps and tanking are very hazy, and all roles can be played by all classes without much difficulty. It only starts to matter a lot when you get into the higher levels. With that said, those who jump into an instance as a tank and are using a two-hander (note that this is a level 15 instance, not 55, so two-hand tanking is a no no) and as healers who are also using two-hand weapons (paladins), are despicable and should put in the small amount of effort it requires to get the right gear for tanking. Below are some suggestions for each tanking class at low levels.

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