Bear with me!

A small possible extra project is in the works, but I’ve also been packing and moving for the last few days and today. Hopefully I’ll have some free time to get a few good articles up this weekend or by Monday.


Posting Changes, revisited

Sad news friends. I’m going to have to go off of my 3 days a week schedule to focus on a hopeful new addition to my life as well as school, which is coming up awfully fast. I will still try and get 3 posts a week up (barring this week possibly), but I can’t do it on set dates anymore. Need to be more flexible!

I’m also having trouble figuring out exactly what to write on that will be meaningful and pointful, and not waste your time as the reader. I’ve been lucky enough to have good blogging friends like Pewter, Markco, Gaz and a whole bunch of others that have helped me garner at least a small readership, and I don’t like to disappoint. I suppose I should be visiting BlogAzeroth more often for ideas, but I want to get my own thoughts out too. Cheers for now!

A quick announcement

Just scribbling this real fast to let any and all readers know that I’ll be on a mid-summer vacation to home to visit my newborn baby nephew and attend my best friends’ wedding. This could possibly cut the posts I make for that week (Aug. 5 – Aug. 12) however I’ll be trying to find time to write up something intriguing to at least chat about. Possible miss days are this Friday, Monday and Wednesday next week. I will definitely have a post up Friday unless there really just isn’t anything to talk about. Hope you all are having a great summer, and I look forward to picking back up again at the end of next week. Toodles!

Posting Schedule

I’m hoping to get into a good groove for updates on this blog. Right now it’s looking like MWF is the best schedule for updating, however once school starts again I have no idea how frequently I’ll be able to update. Here’s to hoping for the best. In the meantime, for the summer at least, expect at least 3 posts a week!

Updates Have Occurred!

Update: Looks like the feed is fixed for new posts only. It has not grandfathered in the old posts. This shouldn’t be a problem. Problem solved!

Currently I’m trying to fix my feed so that it displays new posts in full text rather than summary. I’ve modified the necessary settings but it’s still not displaying correctly in my feed, so be a little patient with me. I’ve updated the theme of the blog so that it’s not so dreary and unexciting. It may still be rather dull, but we all start somewhere.

I’ve just recently gotten a new twitter account just for this blog: @pheshamanal and a new email address I’ll be updating the About page shortly with this information. I’ve added a few widgets you might find interesting, especially a delicious feed for all of my wow tagged bookmarks. These are rather random and are just things that I like and want to save for later, but feel free to look at any of them. I’ve gotten a blog roll up and a few pieces of organization here and there.

The last thing I wanted to mention and be forward about is the addition of a paypal donate button. Currently I’m trying to figure out the best way to represent what I’m taking donations for and how to signify that I’m not running any specific donation drive at a certain time. I added it because I’m a starving college student and as much as I wish that I could afford to update and upgrade all of my blog stuff and perhaps a website, I can’t. This includes the purchase of software for making video tutorials, like the Vuhdo and Grid tutorials that I promised. I need $40 to purchase the software and so that is what I’m currently accepting donations for. The email address displayed after you click the donate button is my default email address that I used to register for paypal. Rest assured, none of this money is going to me for anything but what the drive is for, or towards the website. I want to make clear that any donations are not for me. They are for the site. Here’s my game plan:

1. Gather up enough donations to purchase Fraps (however long this may take)

2. Once Fraps is purchased, begin gathering donations for 1 year of hosting and domain name reservation costs

3. Once that money is gathered, purchase the .com and migrate the blog over to it. Ideally this site would have the blog itself, forums and more features that are yet to be implemented/shared.

During all of this, I’ll be working mostly on content for the blog. First and foremost is getting into a semi-regular schedule of posting. I’d like to have 2 or 3 full articles go up a week, however when school starts I may only be able to commit to 2 full articles for sure. My definition of a full article is like this post or this post. Smaller posts will be going up as well around the bigger ones. I’d like to develop at least one more column, if not two, that make regular appearances. Ideally, as time goes along, I’d also like to broaden the scope of the blog into healing and then other classes as well. Shaman will always be the main content offered here, but I’d like to be able to share my opinions and expertise on other classes and situations in WoW.

So Donate please, if you’d like to see video tutorials for addons and other fun things!

To those who have subscribed in any way or bookmarked the blog, thank you so very much, I hope you enjoy the content that I produce in the future. And to the feed readers: I’m working on it I promise!

Minor Overhaul

Over the next few days while delivering a few promised articles, I will be attempting to flesh out the About page more and add a couple more pages. I’d like to eventually move to a website that includes some extra features, but that’s a little ways off and I will need to set aside enough money to do so. In the mean time, you’re stuck here with me! Bwahaha!