Shamantastic: Healer Hootzpah

There’s no qualifying benchmark that indicates you’ve chain healed your way into the pros of healing. How do you know, then, when you’ve got what it takes to raid?

Generally if you’re successfully and easily healing heroics then you are ready to raid. Of course healing raids isn’t as easy as being a heroic farmer; you have to have the skill to react to emergency situations and the situational awareness to stay alive yourself.

Cata heroics are a big step up from Lich King content and serve to teach a lot of raid skills, especially such important principles as don’t stand in the fire. These principles of raiding will come in time with practice.

Another important facet of healing that is folded into being able to heal heroics is smart stat gearing. If you don’t know your class well enough and don’t prioritize the correct stats you can easily fall short of making ends meet. Gemming and enchanting are another important resource to consider that can add some extra breathing room to fights like Admiral Ripsnarl. A good practice is to gem and enchant all 346+ gear and heroic gear as you’ll have those for your first couple weeks of raiding.

Overall you’ll know that you’re ready to heal when you feel that your gear is well put together and that you know your class well enough to comfortably heal hard encounters.


The Sad State of Restoration Mastery

Sadly this tooltip is a common scene among restoration shamans. Frankly, our mastery sucks. Priests get better absorbs and a HoT, Druids currently get bonus healing on targets who have their HoTs applied and Paladins make shields when they heal that absorb. Shamans get a heal that scales on how low the target’s health is and as far as my experience has gone we get little to no useful bonus from this.

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Shamantastic: Ouch, My Mana Hurts…

(EDIT: If you’re looking for a healing guide on Lord Geoffery Tulvan for the Crucible of Carnage event The Earl of Evisceration, check out this link!)

Remember that post I made where I was lamenting the fact that elemental and restoration shamans literally could not run out of mana? Well I was certainly wrong. Now that Cataclysm has actually come and I’ve seen the changes, I’ve eaten my words. However, as far as I’m concerned at this point in time, the fact that I actually have to care about my mana again is a good thing. What does this mean for shamans? Well today’s post is mostly about restoration (one of my first), which is the spec hit hardest by Cata content in terms of mana reduction. Here’s why! Continue reading

Addon Discussion: Grid vs. Vuhdo

So now that we’ve looked at Grid and Vuhdo, which one is better? Well on one hand, how do you define the “best” without some sort of regimen of comparison. There are so many factors that you could use to consider this that it could get insane. It seems to me that the two most important factors are out of the box workability and most efficient. Usually people have very specific opinions on addons and what works amazingly for one person may not work for another. Here’s what I thought:

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Healing through the Lag

Lag is always really, really annoying. There have been countless times that my university failed in some respect when dealing with our internet connection, and so at different times throughout my WoW career I’ve been plagued by such monstrosities as internet outages when the rain and thunder start (actually just the rain), and connection throttling/blocking recently. Since I’m in the midwest right now, rain and thunder are common, and that used to mess with my connection a lot. We were on solid ice for a long time, but sadly they installed some new software to block torrents and it’s had bad side effects in WoW. So mixed with my feelings of anger at not being able to perform my role effectively, I thought it would be good to share some ideas on how best TO perform your role when you’re in this situation, all the way from first joining to the party to gracefully leaving mid-instance, or sticking it out staying. Take the jump with me and we’ll discuss how to heal through the lag!

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Addon Discussion: Grid

This is the second in a three-part series about healing addons. At this point there is no plan to cover Healbot or any other addons, however I can be persuaded with cookies, good beer and/or great meat (cooked well of course). The follow-up should arrive early next week in a close up discussion about what the two have to offer. The first post can be found here.

As promised, here is my (very late) post on Grid. To start off and set the tone for the post, I didn’t really like Grid too much. It seems solid but for me Vuhdo worked much quicker and much easier. In any case, I’m not here to bash! Take the jump (I even made a [crappy] video for you all!) to hear my thoughts on Grid!

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[Cata] Water Mounts and Underwater Zones

I’ve never been a big one for spoilers, however I stumbled across this one by accident and thought it was so ridiculously cool that I had to share it. Any of you that are already in the beta are probably aware that there is an all-underwater zone which just completely tickles my fancy. There are a variety of reasons for this love, however most are not applicable to WoW, so I will only share those that are. Continue reading