Shamantastic: Healer Hootzpah

There’s no qualifying benchmark that indicates you’ve chain healed your way into the pros of healing. How do you know, then, when you’ve got what it takes to raid?

Generally if you’re successfully and easily healing heroics then you are ready to raid. Of course healing raids isn’t as easy as being a heroic farmer; you have to have the skill to react to emergency situations and the situational awareness to stay alive yourself.

Cata heroics are a big step up from Lich King content and serve to teach a lot of raid skills, especially such important principles as don’t stand in the fire. These principles of raiding will come in time with practice.

Another important facet of healing that is folded into being able to heal heroics is smart stat gearing. If you don’t know your class well enough and don’t prioritize the correct stats you can easily fall short of making ends meet. Gemming and enchanting are another important resource to consider that can add some extra breathing room to fights like Admiral Ripsnarl. A good practice is to gem and enchant all 346+ gear and heroic gear as you’ll have those for your first couple weeks of raiding.

Overall you’ll know that you’re ready to heal when you feel that your gear is well put together and that you know your class well enough to comfortably heal hard encounters.


Shamantastic: Ouch, My Mana Hurts…

(EDIT: If you’re looking for a healing guide on Lord Geoffery Tulvan for the Crucible of Carnage event The Earl of Evisceration, check out this link!)

Remember that post I made where I was lamenting the fact that elemental and restoration shamans literally could not run out of mana? Well I was certainly wrong. Now that Cataclysm has actually come and I’ve seen the changes, I’ve eaten my words. However, as far as I’m concerned at this point in time, the fact that I actually have to care about my mana again is a good thing. What does this mean for shamans? Well today’s post is mostly about restoration (one of my first), which is the spec hit hardest by Cata content in terms of mana reduction. Here’s why! Continue reading

Shamantastic: Patch 4.0 and Shaman Talk


"Uh, Jinra, is that you shaking up the place?" "Nope." "Shit."

Finally, I have a little time to play WoW, which means, wabam, I have time to attempt to entertain you all with information you’ve heard a thousand times! I bet you haven’t gotten a sub-max level opinion on the changes though, so I’ll put some of that in this post too. As a short side story, I was in-game earlier and the world shook. My friend genuinely thought that I was using earthquake and he had just gotten back into WoW so he wasn’t aware of the world effects. The caption of the picture says the rest, heh heh. Anyway, aside from daft guild members and loads of ridiculous homework (can you believe I’m on academic alert for failing a midterm because they wouldn’t reschedule the study session to avoid my three hours of meetings and classes? :() let’s get to some meaty, shamany content.

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Shamantastic: Cataclysm Talents

I finally found some time to follow through with one of my promises, which is to take a look at the Shaman Cata talents. I know that other blogs have done their own investigation and perhaps they have come to the same conclusion I have for Elemental and Restoration, however I want to share my thoughts on the specs I created and why or why not they may work in the expansion. I also did a tentative Enhancement spec though I’ve never played enhance so I’m batting into pitch black here. To help with the Enhancement discussion will be one of my guildmates, Longwalker!

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Shamantastic: Am I doin it rite?

(Image from

One of the things that’s always gotten me, being a spellcaster for most of my WoW experience, was how to do the correct rotation or priority when raiding. When I started the game and was new to the UI and how spells worked, my warlock would fling countless shadow bolts at a target while occasionally putting up a DoT or two. Obviously this changed as time went on and I eventually started raiding, but I only figured it out by sitting down for a bit and attempting to use logic to sort out the most efficient way to cast. There was no math involved and it was more of a stream of thoughts on how I could constantly be casting. The way I ended up casting in Karazhan was less than optimal from a numbers standpoint, but as far as I could see, I sure was doin it rite! After a little while though, the patchwork rotation of DoTs and shadowbolts I had built got boring and I was always on the bottom of the DPS chart. Luckily, right at this time, Lich King was released and I rolled a Death Knight. Out of necessity for my desire to raid, I hit the numbers and have since been able to top the DPS charts in the few progression raids that I joined. Now that I’m playing a shaman at mid level, I am again encountering that question that will undoubtedly turn me into an obnoxious spellcaster: what’s the most efficient rotation? A brief look at elemental and restoration after the jump!

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