…So, how does that make you feel?


For me, the success of a game is measured by how it makes me feel. Most times, I play to get away from the real world for a bit. I want to have FUN, just like many other gamers. And what is the point of a game that you don’t find amusing, reaffirming, challenging or worthwhile? I haven’t run into many games that make me feel terrible, though some that are releasing soon are sure to disappoint (speaking of Tera here), however for the most part, I’ve been lucky to experience games that keep me coming back and yearning for that release from the real world that allows me to challenge my point of view. Sometimes, that draw to bring a player back is a marketing ploy. Take WoW for instance. By never allowing the player to win, to gain complete fulfillment, they assure that the players will continue to come back. It’s like dangling a carrot in front of a horse, and in the end it benefits both parties provided self-control is present.

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Gender Roles and Respect in the MMO Community

One of the things that I can’t tolerate in any community I participate in, physical or virtual, is discrimination, hatred and close-mindedness. I don’t associate with people who lack the mental capacity to understand why someone is different, and why that makes them unique and amazing people. In the WoW community, I do my best to stay out of the way of womanizers, chauvinists, racists and sexists, however with such a large player-base, we are as diverse in our mentalities as we are in our idiots. The most flak that I experience and observe comes in the form of sexism towards women, LGBT community members and supporters, and transsexuals. Many people are protected by the fact that they don’t share their orientations or their gender over WoW, since the game isn’t about political and social opinions, but rather a medium through which we interact with each other in the context of our game content. I’ve had plenty of experiences personally with these issues, so take the jump and read on. (note that this is partially a rant)

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Addon Discussion: Grid vs. Vuhdo

So now that we’ve looked at Grid and Vuhdo, which one is better? Well on one hand, how do you define the “best” without some sort of regimen of comparison. There are so many factors that you could use to consider this that it could get insane. It seems to me that the two most important factors are out of the box workability and most efficient. Usually people have very specific opinions on addons and what works amazingly for one person may not work for another. Here’s what I thought:

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Shamantastic: Cataclysm Talents

I finally found some time to follow through with one of my promises, which is to take a look at the Shaman Cata talents. I know that other blogs have done their own investigation and perhaps they have come to the same conclusion I have for Elemental and Restoration, however I want to share my thoughts on the specs I created and why or why not they may work in the expansion. I also did a tentative Enhancement spec though I’ve never played enhance so I’m batting into pitch black here. To help with the Enhancement discussion will be one of my guildmates, Longwalker!

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Addon Discussion: Vuhdo


Well hi there! So I mentioned earlier that I would do a feature on Vuhdo and Grid. The way I’ve decided to do this has changed from my original vision. Ideally, I wanted to create two tutorial videos, one for Vuhdo and one for Grid and have one post that showed both of those videos and compared the addons. Since I don’t have any legitimate software for screen capture (I’m saving up for Fraps! I need $40: feel free to hit the donate button in the top left and help me out!) I figured that making those tutorials would be in vain, and when I investigated Vuhdo intensively with an eye for tutorial creation, I realized that the addon does most of the explaining itself. Next article will be on Grid and then following that will be a sum up of the comparison and final conclusions. Depending on my overflow of ideas (or lack thereof) this full set may or may not occur during this week. It would be pretty neat if it did though, so here’s hoping! Jump!

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A bit of a Bind

I was browsing through my WoW blogroll on google reader and stumbled across Gazimoff’s dilemma and it got me thinking about my own situation currently. I’m in a bit of an odd position and with inspiration from Gazimoff’s post I thought it might be good to write out my issues and try to sort it out. (There’s a lot of history after the cut that you may not be interested in, though if you scroll down after the cut you’ll see my little note saying where I get to the point, and can read from there for the relevant information)

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