[Cata] Water Mounts and Underwater Zones

I’ve never been a big one for spoilers, however I stumbled across this one by accident and thought it was so ridiculously cool that I had to share it. Any of you that are already in the beta are probably aware that there is an all-underwater zone which just completely tickles my fancy. There are a variety of reasons for this love, however most are not applicable to WoW, so I will only share those that are.

When I read Unbroken I geeked out to the shaman class. It was just so cool that I couldn’t resist rolling a shaman. Something about fiction does that to me, it makes me want to immerse myself into the world that is created. This is partially due to the fact that I’m an author myself and love creating these worlds and situations for other people, however with WoW there’s something special about it too. I’ve mentioned before that I’m not a HUGE roleplayer, though I don’t mind my characters having a back story, at least in my head. These roots into roleplay come from Dungeons and Dragons and Shadowrun, I’m sure. When I read that shaman fiction and rolled my shaman, water played a huge part in the desire to keep playing. I’ll be honest and spill a little of my personal life: I love water. If I could live in water I would. Imagine what it would be like to be weightless and chilly. That would be heaven for me.

Anyway, the fact that we have a water zone means that we obviously get to have these cool new mounts (well one so far, but the water-lover in me is hoping for many more). It remains to be seen if this will just be a money sink or if it will be something obtainable as in the YouTube video that I linked. Whichever method it comes to us in: I’m buying it! Is it just me, or does it look like a nether ray?


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